Becoming Capable of Making Decisions - Enabling Action

‘As humans we have a double duty, to contribute to the success of the whole, of which man is but a part, and to also contribute to the success of the whole that, which we ourselves are.’  (Schulz von Thun translated from German)


Each of us works at this in our own unique way.  To reflect upon these personal patterns and to perceive them helps one to recognize one’s own contribution to any existing problem. Consciousness and the recognition of the status quo clear the path to allow for new approaches and meaningful decisions.  Autonomy is the goal.   

This autonomy does not equal arrogance and superiority.  Rather, it is a result of the capacity to accept paradoxes in a relaxed matter and yet to preserve one’s own self esteem irrespective of the exterior world.   Courage and empathy grow out of this newly acquired freedom.  Teamwork is improved on all levels and organisational goals are achieved more easily.  This is what we and our coachees work towards. 


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